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I’m excited about showing you this Little Tiny House on wheels.

It was built based on the old Tumbleweed Fencl plans.

But modifications were made to to make it better suited for the owner/dweller.

Little Tiny House on Wheels

Come on in to see the rest of the tour of this little tiny house below:

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Recently Deek visited Ella Jenkins and her Tumbleweed Tiny House.

And while he was there he created a new video that you can watch below.

Ella shares her home with you while she tells you about how she lives happily in her little house on wheels.

She started the project when she was 23 years old and completed it in about one year.

You might also be excited to know that she’s sharing the house with her boyfriend. And they both play instruments which they’re able to keep in the house.


Photo Credit Little Yellow Door

I encourage you to watch the video tour with Deek and Ella below:

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Do you think you can build a tiny house? This 15 year old kid is doing it right now.

His name is Austin Hay and he’s actually 16 now and a sophomore in high school (but still!).

He started building a Tumbleweed Fencl tiny house because he wanted to downsize, be good to the environment, and to make a financially smart decision.

On his web site he says, “I have started to build a tumbleweed house to show adults and peers that one person can help the big picture. I think its important that we keep this one world we have healthy.”

If Austin is doing it, you can do it too. With a little motivation (think about living pretty much mortgage free) and some leg work: building plans, construction site, and a place to park it when finished.

You could be well on your way too. What’s stopping you? Tell us about it in the comments below. You don’t have to register, just click here to go to the comments.

15 Year Old Building a Tiny House

Photo Credit Austin Hay, Visit his web site by clicking here.


I’m not sure if you guys have ever seen Jonathan’s Fencl before but for those of you who haven’t, here it is.

I’ll just feature a few of his pictures here plus his Youtube video and then I’ll guide you over to his LiveJournal site where you can get more pictures and complete details on all of his progress.

I can’t wait until the winter is over so we can start getting updates from him again. He does a great job of showing us what it’s like to build a Tumbleweed house.

So here are some pictures of his latest work and you’ll find the video embedded underneath along with his link.

Here’s a peak at the kitchen:

tumbleweed fencl gungy kitchen cabinets

His living room and office with furniture:
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