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This is the story of a solo female living and traveling with a teardrop trailer for around a decade now! It all started in 2007, when she decided to hop on a Harley Davidson motorcycle with her teardrop camper (named tick tack) in tow. With the motor cycle, she would get around 30 miles per gallon (while towing the teardrop).

Today she’s towing it with something a bit more practical, and very likely just as economic on fuel. It’s a Volkswagen Beetle with a TDI diesel engine. That’s right, it’s a diesel Beetle! These are known to get somewhere around 50 miles per gallon, although I’m sure a teardrop camper reduces that to a significant degree, but I’m sure she isn’t complaining about it. Anyhow, hear all about it, and learn more about Jaclyn’s incredible lifestyle below! And tell me, would you ever consider doing something outlandishly awesome like this?

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Solo Female Living And Traveling With A Teardrop Trailer Long-Term!

Solo Female Living And Traveling with Teardrop Trailer Long-Term via Florb-YouTube 003

Images via FLORB/YouTube

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