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This is the story of a father/son who built a $15k tiny cabin.

It is off-grid and located over a mile from the nearest road.

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Father and Son Build $15,000 Tiny Cabin in the Woods

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This is the story of a father/son’s Big Blue Bus Conversion.

Now the son is traveling the United States in it!

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Father/Son’s Big Blue Bus Conversion

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This is the story of how a daughter and her husband designed and built a custom tiny home for her dad.

My husband and I wanted to build a house for my Father to live in on our property in Colorado. We decided to buy a pre-built shed and turn it into a home. The house is 12×32 with an 8×4 covered porch. The house sits on a permanent foundation with a crawl space underneath. The 20 gal. water heater is under the house. It’s a one bedroom one bathroom home with a living/kitchen area.

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They Built The Perfect Tiny Home For Dad…

Daughter and Son-in-Law Build Tiny Home for Dad

Images © Kim Mendenhall

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