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This is the story of one family of four’s off-the-grid homestead in Pittsboro, North Carolina that includes three twelve by twelve tiny cabins with no electricity and no plumbing.

On the outside, the three cabins share the same rustic feel. One is thin, but has a tall and “long” roof that hangs over a smaller patio area. Inside you’ll find beautiful cabinets and some tricky-looking steps that save space. A rainwater catchment system provides the family with fresh water. The second cabin shares the same roof line, and the third has no patio and a whole bay of windows on three sides.

The family has chickens, fields, a garden and even an old-fashioned water pump. In addition to their tiny life, they build affordable and green caskets. Watch the video below to get a taste of their life, and follow the links in the resources below to learn more about them. Thank you!

Family’s Off-Grid Tiny House Life

Family's Off-Grid Tiny House Life 001

Images © Donald Byrne

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