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This is the story of Jake and Gianna and their young daughter Luna, and how the three of them are living and adventuring full-time in a van conversion!

This van tiny home features a loft bed for their daughter along with all of the other conveniences of home, only this one is completely mobile. Can you imagine adventuring like this during your lifetime?

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Family of 3 Full-Time Van Dwelling w/ Young Daughter

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This is the Happily Ewer After Tiny House. It’s a barn-style tiny house on wheels built on a gooseneck (fifth wheel) trailer.

In this tour, you’ll get to see what it’s like for a family to live tiny and what a tiny house might look like while it’s fully lived in by a family. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments, please!

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DIY Family’s Tiny House Tour/Walkthrough

youtu.be-NsAb-JKmysw (20)

Images via Happily Ewer After/YouTube

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This is the story of a young couple, Sam and Mary, who wanted to live tiny but also plan on starting a family.

So they decided to design and build a tiny house on wheels that would accommodate that! And they went from apartment, to tiny house thanks to the help of their builder, Mint Tiny Homes. Here’s their story thanks to Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey.

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Couple Design Tiny House With Family In Mind

youtu.be-CALeQ5-ru-A (6)

Images via Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is the story of Phil and Cynthia and their newborn. Now, they are a growing tiny house family. And because of that, they’ve decided to build a second tiny home to best suit their needs. And we think it’s great!

We’ve seen lots of stories and situations of people who’ve grown out of their tiny homes… But what if they could have just built a second tiny home? Well, not everyone has the perfect plot of land to do this. But could two THOW’s be a suitable long-term solution for a family? This story is brought to you thanks to Living Big In A Tiny House and Phil and Cynthia.

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Why They Built A SECOND Tiny Home…

Expanding Tiny Home For A Growing Family3

Images via Living Big In A Tiny House/YouTube

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This is a family-friendly tiny house in Gravenhurst, Ontario, near Lake Muskoka available to rent via Glamping Hub.

It has amenities such as a queen-size bed, a living room with a pull-out sofa, one full bathroom, a half bathroom, and fully-equipped kitchen. This wonderful cabin can accommodate up to four persons comfortably. How would you like living in a design like this?

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‘Big’ Tiny House Perfect For Family Vacations In Gravenhurst, Ontario near Lake Muskoka

Classy, Family-Friendly Tiny House in Muskoka

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is the story of a father/son who built a $15k tiny cabin.

It is off-grid and located over a mile from the nearest road.

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Father and Son Build $15,000 Tiny Cabin in the Woods

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