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This is a 2021 update of the MiniMotives family tiny house. You may remember Macy Miller, who originally built the tiny house over a decade ago for less than $12,000. Over the years, the tiny house has evolved as well as moved. See below to learn more!

An updated tour of our tiny home which was built for $11,416 ten years ago. We have called this home for nearly a decade, it once sat downtown in an urban core, now it has gained legal status and moved off grid to property we purchased with the money saved while living tiny.

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MiniMotives Family Tiny House Tour (2021)

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Did you think tiny living was only for singles and couples? This family of four’s shed to tiny house conversion destroys that myth.

Outside, you’ll notice a very simple white facade with a metal roof and a center door and two windows flanking it. The family renovated a pre-owned 500 sq. foot storage shed where Krista, her husband, and their 5 and 1-year-old children now live. They were able to arrange the use of relative’s land, bought and converted the shed, hooked up the electricity and got the well water running for only $11,000. But this is just a temporary living situation while they prepare to build a rammed earth home in South Carolina.

When you go inside, you’ll find an open floor plan with burnt orange walls. The kitchen cabinets line up against the back wall and a kitchen table for four sits in the main living area. The older son’s bed sits in the corner of the house just off the parent’s bedroom where the one-year-old also sleeps. The bathroom includes a compostable toilet and they even have an outdoor shower.

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Family of Four’s $11k Shed to Tiny House Conversion

Family of 4s Shed to Tiny House Conversion 001

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I had to let you know as soon as I found out that the Odom family tiny house for sale over at Tiny r(E)volution. (SOLD)

If you’re not familiar with their tiny home I featured it a while back on this post after they had recently finished it.

But if you’ve been looking for the right used tiny house to buy, this might be the right one at the right price. They’re only asking $16,100.

I think that’s quite the fair deal… Might even be a steal of a deal considering most tiny homes of that size and quality are demanding prices of $35,000, $45,000 and even $55,000 at times. More than likely it’s already sold.

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Family Tiny House For Sale For Only $16,100 (Sold)

Odom Family_SHBL

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