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The Price Family is an adorable family of three who travels the country with their DIY skoolie and their dog. Despite having no previous building experience, Megan and Landon did a fantastic job creating a functional and happy tiny house.

Before leaving Texas to travel, the couple had a wedding photography/videography business, which they still run during wedding season. Enjoy our interview with this awesome family, and check out their cool conversion below.

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Their Luxury DIY Skoolie: Built in 1.5 Years

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This awesome family of 6 set out on the road over a year and a half ago in their 40-foot converted bus. They wanted to educate their four boys about the world outside of Quebec. The couple sold their home and are now living off of that money and their savings.

Their bus has two sets of bunk beds for the boys, a spacious back bedroom for mom and dad, and a wet bath for cleaning up. Their huge kitchen has plenty of storage and all of them can sit at their banquette for dinner. What a cool family!

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Their Minimalist Family Bus Conversion

Couple & Their 4 Boys in a 40 Ft Skoolie 2

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