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This is a 4×4 World Traveling Expedition Vehicle. It’s a 2020 Sprinter Van Conversion by Campovans. It was originally a custom order from an Australian couple, but unfortunately, due to current circumstances, they had to cancel their plans, and so now, their custom-built van is up for sale.

The price is really out of the stratosphere, and so is this van-build, although, I wonder, how can something similar be done for way less? But the van has it all, a wet bath, exterior storage, interior storage, off-road suspension, rooftop solar panels, and more. See for yourself and learn more, below.

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A $275,000 Expedition Van Conversion by Campovans with Amazing Solar Roof

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This is a two-story 8×8 off-road motorhome from SLRV Expedition Vehicles. When 4×4 is not enough, there is of course, an 8×8 option out there. Not sure how much it costs, but we’re sure the price is far from tiny.

The second level consists mainly of a large sleeping area, kind of like a bunk room or large loft in a cabin. The main level features the kitchen, dining, ceiling bed, and bathroom access.

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8×8 Off-road Motorhome with Second Level Pop Up Loft: SLRV Commander 8×8

Two-story 8×8 Off Road Motorhome SLRV Commander 8×8 by SLRV Expedition-com-au 001

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