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I know this is random, but have you been wanting to become more healthy?

Who doesn’t, right? But if you’re not happy with your energy level, weight and eating habits then continue reading.

I know it’s a little unusual because I’m talking about health and not tiny houses.

But this is something I’m also passionate about and wanted to share with you if it’s helpful to you.

If not, please ignore the rest of this post and jump here for more tiny houses. But if it is, I think you’ll find a lot of value here.


But if you have been thinking about developing some more healthy habits I’m all about making this simple and easy for you.

I’ve also personally tested several ways to start exercising and eating better and I’ve found a strategy I’m sharing with you here that will get you to keep doing it consistently over time easily and without pain.

And I guarantee you that if you follow the easy steps I outline here it will be easy for you too no matter where you’re at now. I promise. But you do have to be willing to start. I can guide you, but only you can do it.

How to Gain more Health & Wellness in Just 3 Days: One Simple Way

So let’s get started. Here’s what I’m going to have you do if you’re willing to:

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When you live in a super small space you want to design your life so that you’re not in it all of the time.

It’s actually a lot like being a kid in a college dorm. You sleep, eat, study and entertain yourself there and almost everything else is outsourced somewhere else.

I believe one of the secrets to happily living in a tiny house is proper use of your surroundings.

Maybe you can start practicing before you’re in your tiny space.

10 Ways To Use Your Community As Home
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