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This story on housetruck tiny homes is a guest post by Michael Ostaski (builder)

Alex, I’m a big fan of your newsletter, and wanted to introduce myself.

I have a few new developments in my life and would like to share them with the tiny house community.

First off I have been an artist gypsy my whole life, I have built 4 house trucks and the interiors of several more in my time.

1999 Sterling Housetruck Tiny Home by Michael Ostaski


Images © Michael Ostaski

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I wanted to show you how tiny house communities like this Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon are being used to help the now formerly homeless.

This is just one of the reasons why I love tiny housing. They empower people! And this is how I’d like to see more of them being used. In a way that lifts people up.

Especially those who are in need. This village opened its doors in August and it has been a success.

Current residents are officially formerly homeless and they maintain the property and govern themselves. They’re proud of what they have.

Tiny Housing to End and Empower Homeless

I encourage you to enjoy the videos, interview and information on this community to empower homeless people using tiny housing below (plus how they’re creating yet another one!):

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