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Here’s an awesome new eVista from ESCAPE that will be ready to pick up in about a month. It has a few great upgrades including an induction cooktop, fold flat couch and amazing all-electric set-up that are sure to make it a comfortable home.

There’s a great little video tour below that shows off all the highlights that you should watch! Also, it’s a loft-free tiny house design so it’s great for people who want a ground-floor bed.

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Smart Siding, Induction Cooktop and More!

eVista with Special Features Availabe Soon 2

Images © ESCAPE

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Here’s one of the original ESCAPE tiny house layouts — the Vista — on a scenic 30 acres of land in New York. It’s set up as an Airbnb and has everything you could want for a weekend stay.

YouTuber Cash Jordan recently stayed in the tiny house and shared a video review of the spot. It’s fun to see someone unfamiliar with tiny living try it out for a night. What do you think of the Vista?

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This Escape Vista Tiny House is on 30 Acres in New York

Escape Tiny Home Off-Grid Vacation 4

Images via Cash Jordan

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This ESCAPE Vista for sale in Minnesota has only been used 6 times and is now ready to become yours! Due to a change in circumstance the owner has to sell, and is asking what she owes: $53,000.

The Vista has a queen-size ground-floor bedroom and a kitchen with a full-sized fridge and oven. In the bathroom there’s a shower stall and composting toilet. The large windows in the home make it so bright and inviting! Plus you know you’re getting awesome ESCAPE craftsmanship when you make the purchase.

Contact the seller over at Tiny House Marketplace after you check out our photo tour below!

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Minnesota ESCAPE Vista For Sale: $53K

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This is Seth Porges‘ off-the-grid tiny house getaway. He calls it The Glass House.

According to USA Today, “the 33-year-old journalist decided he had had enough of the city life and wanted a unique, personalized and portable getaway.”

So he decided on the ESCAPE Vista by ESCAPE Homes and was able to arrange to keep it on a friend’s farm in Marlboro, New York. Now you can even book the house on Airbnb!

Seth Porges’ Off-the-Grid Tiny House Getaway

Photos via Airbnb

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This is the Tiny Kat, an Escape Vista model that belongs to a woman named — you guessed it — Kat!

She writes on her website:

On March 3, 2017 we picked up our Escape Vista in beautiful Rice Lake Wisconsin. We had no idea what we were going to do with this tiny house, named Tiny Kat, but I had to have it. Yes, we looked at RVs, Air Stream and thought about vacation homes… The Escape Vista won my heart from the first step in the door. There was no question in my mind I had to have it. I’ve never had a travel trailer. Ty and I just learned how to back the darn thing up without WW3 happening! I hope the site provides insight into owners of the Escape Vista, our victories and our “opportunities.”

She had a free open house event in May and will have more in the future. For now, enjoy taking a picture tour below!

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Tiny Kat: Escape Vista Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Escape Vista

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This is the Vista GO Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s designed and built by Escape Vista in Wisconsin.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

16′ Vista GO Tiny House on Wheels


Images © escapevista.com

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