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Jay Shafer, the founder of Tumbleweed Houses, designed the Epu tiny house and offers building plans for those interested in their very own little home on wheels.

He lived in this design for several years before selling it so that he can create more. This post will give you all of the information you need to find building plans for the Epu.

You’ll also find plenty of photos and a complete video tour of the house with Jay himself.

Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House

This design is 8′ wide and 15′ long and is made to sit on a 7′ by 14′ double axle trailer. Inside the ceiling is 6′ 3″ high with a loft height of 3′ 8″.

If you are a taller person these dimensions can be adjusted when building to meet your own height requirements as it has been done before.

Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House

Photos Courtesy of Tumbleweed Houses

This design has been featured on Oprah and it comes with the following features:

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The Epu tiny house is another design by Tumbleweed Houses. This house is 89 square feet with an actual porch. Well, a mini porch!

It’s made to be built on a dual axle trailer and is still very small in comparison to some of the others–making it relatively easy to move around and park.

This model has a kitchen in the rear with an open main room with a built in desk. The sleeping area is designed to be upstairs in a loft.

Estimated cost to build yourself


Price of Plans


Buying one ready-made from Tumbleweed


*Pricing is approximate and may change

Details and Floor Plan

Epu Tiny House Details and Dimensions Epu Tiny House Floor Plan


Epu Tiny House from Tumbleweed Houses

Photo credits: Tumbleweed Houses

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