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Admittedly, the ePro Cooler from Maxwell Vehicles doesn’t quite fit into our regular spectrum of tiny homes and van life explorations. Nevertheless, we couldn’t resist bringing it to your attention due to its significant advancements in sustainable and efficient transport. As dedicated enthusiasts of compact living and efficient utilization of space, we believe in sharing all things innovative, especially those that could significantly impact our environmental footprint. While the ePro Cooler might not be your next tiny house or mobile home, it’s an exceptional vehicle with a range of impressive features worth reporting. So, let’s dive into the details of this remarkable electric reefer van!

While the focus of our post is the ePro Cooler reefer van, it’s worth noting that Maxwell Vehicles also uses this same ePro platform to craft cutting-edge electric camper vans, offering an eco-conscious and efficient solution for those embracing the van life. In the realm of refrigerated transportation, the demand for efficiency, reliability, and sustainable practices is on a constant rise. Meeting this demand head-on, Maxwell Vehicles introduces its pioneering innovation – the ePro Electric Reefer Van, equipped with an integrated refrigeration system, the Cooler. This groundbreaking van, powered by a 75kWh battery, is set to transform the refrigerated transport industry, offering remarkable benefits in terms of long-term cost efficiency, convenience, and environmental consciousness.

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Introducing Maxwell’s ePro Cooler Electric Reefer Van: A Leap in Refrigerated Transport

Maxwell ePro Electric Refrigeration Vans

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

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