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This is the story of Carl and Maddie’s converted ambulance. Yes, they bought a retired ambulance and turned it into their traveling home.

The great part is, they really didn’t have to modify the vehicle all that much and it already provides loads of storage. Have you ever thought of buying an ambulance to convert into a motorhome? Seems like a pretty cool idea to me, especially if you sort of fear the ‘conversion’ part, since an ambulance can oftentimes work as-is. What do you think?

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Carl and Maddie’s ambulance tiny home

Couple turn old ambulance into their traveling tiny home via FLORB

Image via FLORB/YouTube

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This is the story of Brett Belan’s DIY Solar-Powered VW EV Bus. He bought an old VW bus and turned it into his very own solar-powered electric vehicle (this is a link to ANOTHER story). Can you imagine having your own electric vehicle that you can charge using the sun wherever you may be? One that… You built/converted into electric yourself? Yup, that’s what Brett did.

Brett Belan and his wife Kira have built a full electric solar powered volkswagen bus and converted it into a camper 1

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He Turned an Old VW Bus into a Solar-Powered, Self-Charging Electric Vehicle! WOW…

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This is the story of a young man who built his own off-grid tiny home in Maine when he was a teenager.

“Don’t be afraid to try things.” – Jesse 1

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Young Man Who Built His Own Off-Grid Tiny House As a Late Teen

Young Man Who Built His Own Off-Grid Tiny House As a Late Teen

Images © Dylan Magaster via YouTube

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This is the story of a couple (and their dog) who built their own stealthy cargo trailer tiny house while living in the back of their truck.

The most amazing part is that they built it while they were moving around usually on public land!

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Couple’s Cargo Trailer Tiny House Built While Living in a Truck on Public Land!

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This is Michelle “MJ” Boyle. She’s a mother of two who recently built her own tiny home on wheels to retire in (sort of). Michelle plans on building more tiny homes so that she can rent them out for income.

Her THOW has what she calls a “modern nostalgia” style. In fact, Michelle spent two years collecting and refurbishing appliances from the mid 1940’s and early 1950’s for her kitchen. How awesome is that?

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Mother of Two’s “Modern Nostalgic” Tiny Home

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If you’re looking for some inspiration for living on the road cheaply, look no further than Dylan Magaster because he built an epic life with a $5500 van.

Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey met up with Dylan, who converted his 1994 G20 van into an off-grid home for less than $5,500 (that includes the cost for the van itself). Because he works online (check out his YouTube channel here), he can make money while traveling coast to coast. Watch his tour with Jenna below to get all the details about his off-grid rig. Enjoy!

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Dylan Magaster’s Cheap Off-Grid Van Life

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This is a Gorgeous Gypsy Wagon Vacation Rental in Joshua Tree and if you go on Instagram right now, you can enter to win a free night’s stay to test it out!

The rental was built by Brendan and Linda, who spent the beginning of their marriage living on a 20 ft. sailboat (before they even knew how to sail!). The couple now arranges awesome vacations for people through their company, Venture Yours (find out more here). One of their vacation spots is this stunning gypsy wagon that sleeps up to four.

Check out some screenshots and then take the video tour with Dylan Magaster below!

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Solar-Powered Gypsy Wagon Cabin in Joshua Tree

Gypsy Wagon Vacation Rental in Joshua Tree

Screenshots via YouTube/Dylan Magaster

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