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Ethan and Kim are the proud owners of this fantastic bus conversion, complete with a separate fridge just for their craft beer selection. Priorities. 🙂

The couple have two Great Danes and have a hard time finding apartments that will allow their large fur babies, so getting a bus allowed the couple a permanent home — and a way to travel — while keeping their dogs with them.

Because they spent more than a year on the build, they were able to scour Craigslist and Marketplace for nearly everything in their bus, which kept the cost for this gorgeous conversion at just $20,000! And this looks like a $100,000 bus. Tiny Home Tours did a great interview which you can watch below.

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They Only Spent $20K On This Amazing Bus Conversion!

Two Humans, Two Dogs & a Separate Craft Beer Fridge Bus Life 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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