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Meet Jessy and her 1978 Dodge Commander, lovingly named “Mander.” She and Mander (along with her cat) have been on the road now for three wonderful years of travelling around the country!

She’s become her own mechanic for nearly everything her renovated campervan has needed in order to save money — and she only spent $1,900 when she bought the camper with 54,000 miles on it. She just recently updated the interior again, and it’s bright and modern with its popular grey and white hues.

The biggest interior upgrade was her bathroom, which now features a separate shower stall and area for her Nature’s Head composting toilet. The build is beautiful, and Jessy’s story is inspirational! She even wrote a book on how to get into vanlife, which you can buy here.

Check out the awesome tour and video interview with Tiny Home Tours below.

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Life on the Road in her Dodge Commander

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