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This is the Tiny Boundaries Documentary.

It’s the story of a Tiny House built (by us) in the Netherlands that was driven to a remote island called Jura, a wonderful road trip through the dramatic scenery of Scotland. It’s also the story of the family who owns it now and the choices they made that led them to this choice.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Boundaries Documentary: The Story of a Family’s Tiny Home in the Netherlands

Tiny Boundaries Documentary 007

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I ran into this news segment on the Tiny House Movement by Global News 16×9 in Canada.

The episode takes you on an adventure into a few people’s lives who live very tiny lives.

And the question is, for these people, do small spaces mean more freedom?

But it’s not just that. These micro homes are also much better for the environment.

What do you small spaces- including tiny homes- mean to you?

Tiny House Movement: Small Spaces More Freedom?

© 16x9onglobal

© 16x9onglobal

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this article on the tiny house movement, watch the 10-minute documentary video below and see how you may even want to become a part of the small movement for freedom, too, below:

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This tiny house documentary was created by Kirsten Dirksen, it’s called We the Tiny House People. In the last few years, we’ve gotten to see a lot of tiny house and simple living videos, and most of them are thanks to her.

Nobody has been more dedicated to bringing you closer and closer to these homes and their inhabitants than Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies.com. Her first interview was with Jay Shafer was approximately five years ago and it has now reached more than 1 million views.

Since then she has gone on to cover so much more, including Jenine Alexander’s self-designed and built $3,5000 tiny house made from recycled materials. After filming hundreds of hours worth of simple living footage- from people living in converted shipping containers, garages, houseboats, sheds, tree houses, and Airstream trailers- she has now released her first documentary (see below).

Updated January 3, 2019

Tiny House Documentary: We The Tiny House People – Dive into the World of Tiny Homes

We the Tiny House People, a documentary by Kirsten Dirksen on the Tiny House Movement

Photo Credits Kirsten Dirksen / YouTube

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no-impact-man-documentaryYesterday I watched the No Impact Man Documentary. It was an interesting look at what a family would have to go through to really let go of everything that’s familiar and do what’s right for the environment.

It’s about a family husband, wife and young daughter who go completely all out in New York City. They started to use bicycles, shut off their power, bought and ate only locally grown food, composted, got rid of TV, didn’t buy anything new, etc.

By watching you could see how difficult it was for them to give up much of these things. But as it continues you begin seeing how they benefit from all of the changes…

They start spending more time together, having fun doing simple things, they go outside more, become healthier, support the local farmers and cause nearly zero waste.

What I learned from the film is that we cannot do everything because it can be too extreme for ourselves and everyone around us. Especially in an NYC apartment. But we can do what we can, and we should do more little by little.