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Liz & Brandon love climbing and both had some experience with tiny living. They decided as a couple to find a tiny rig that could allow them more time to climb and better access to the best spots.

While they debated with 4-wheel-drive vans, those were expensive! So instead, they found a truck and built a remove-able cabin which was then lifted and strapped onto the truck bed frame. The interior has a cozy cabin vibe, and yes, they have a toilet inside.

All told, they spent around $12K on their truck home that comes in at just around 100 square feet.

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Their Remove-able Timber Truck Bed Camper

Beep Beep Birdhouse DIY Truck Bed Home 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Chris Rodiger is a senior at Colby College in Maine and an accomplished artist. As if his gorgeous “En Plein Air” paintings weren’t enough, he built himself a truck bed tiny house with minimal woodworking experience — and the result is stunning!

He calls it the “Beehive” and he spent the summer of 2021 living and working out of the truck, selling his paintings. His college was awesome and actually funded his tiny home creation as part of a class project — does it get better than that?

Now he’s back on campus (gets a little too chilly in Maine for his un-insulated tiny!), but he can always head out in his home and paint wherever calls him! We got to do a Q&A with him, which you can read after the video about Chris below.

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This Truck Bed Tiny Can Be Disassembled by Two People!

Painter Builds Truck Bed Beehive Mobile Studio & Home 23

Images via Chris Rodiger

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This couple was just about ready to begin traveling when a family emergency derailed their plans for three years. When they were finally able to hit the road, they needed something they could build on the cheap. Using 100% reclaimed and recycled materials, Kelsey and Shane managed to create an amazing truck bed tiny house!

In total, they spent just under $4K on the build, and the result is a cabin/boho tiny home complete with a mini kitchen, room for guests, and their own comfy bed. They love bringing a smile to the faces of those who pass them during their travels.

They also discovered there are endless ways to make money — even if they’re a little unorthodox! Watch the Tiny Home Tours video to learn more.

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Their DIY Truck Bed Tiny Home: 100% Reclaimed!

They Built This Bright Yellow Truck Camper for $4K! 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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