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Alex & Mikayla got started on their bus not quite planning what it would eventually turn into — their “permanent” home on wheels. In their interview with Tiny Home Tours, the couple expressed how awesome it is to sit back at the end of the day and think, “Wow, we did this!”

Their bus was created on a tight budget, but you wouldn’t know just by looking at it. Their kitchen, the true focal point of the home, features a stunning long butcher block counter top with a deep sink and propane burner cook top. What I really love is their set-up in the back of the bus: Bed on one side, and their bathroom on the other side.

They also have two animal babies on the road with them, and the couple love the life their pets get to live. See more in the video below!

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These Two & Their Paw Babies in a Skoolie Conversion

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This is one man’s fantastic school bus-turned-DIY-motorhome.

From the outside, you can see vestiges of the house’s former life as a vehicle for transporting students, but the exterior of the bus has been painted burgundy. The body of the van has been enveloped in wood-siding to give a more “house-like” look and feel. The coolest part of this bus transformation? It runs off of vegetable oil!

When you go inside, you’ll find beautiful fir floors and an entirely wooded home. The roof has been cut off of the bus, allowing for a 2×4 construction house with a taller ceiling to be built in its place. The bus includes a wood stove and right next to the home’s heating source is a door that leads below the bus where he can load wood from the outside to fuel the fire. During the winter, he heats his house and water with an antique-looking oven, but during the summer, he has a smaller stove and oven that runs off propane. He has a typical RV water tank system, with grey water going into one tank and black water into the other. His stand-up shower has a beautiful pebble floor and a skylight for brightness. Watch the video below for more details!

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He turned this school bus into a custom motorhome!

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