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What would you do if you found out your boyfriend was dating multiple other women? Well, when Becah, Abi, and Morgan discovered they all had the same boyfriend — they ditched him and bought a school bus! Unconventional? Certainly. Awesome? Definitely.

These three went from complete strangers to DIY buddies to roommates in about 6 months, and have been traveling in their simple rig ever since. They have bunk beds, a new-to-them solar system, and a giant closet. What do you think?

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Instead of Getting Bitter, They Got a Bus

Instead of Getting Bitter, They Got a Bus 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Ben and Tate are the proud owners of this amazing school bus conversion which they call “Ola.” The couple actually purchased the bus in high school and worked on converting it so they would have a home of their own when they got married in July of 2021. Now they are expecting a little boy and plan to raise him “tiny” as well!

Their DIY conversion was done on a budget. They bought the bus for $5k and put between $15k and $20k into the beautification process! Right now they have a spot parked on a ranch, but they travel when they want to and have an awesome home base wherever they take it.

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Married College Couple’s DIY Skoolie Home

They Got Married in College & Moved Into Their Converted Bus! 5

Images via @olathebus

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The day after they got married, Nik turned to Lauren and said they should renovate a bus, live in it, and travel the country. Only 6 weeks later, they had purchased the biggest bus they could find and got to work! In retrospect, they think 28 feet would have been manageable and slightly easier to find parking spots for.

As is, the bus is about half the size of the 700 square foot apartment they lived in during lockdown. They were well-adjusted to living and working in a small space, so it wasn’t a hard transition. Besides being wonderfully functional, their bus home is stunning, with black tiles, butcher block countertops, and pine ceilings. What’s your favorite feature?

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They Included a Recirculating Shower & Giant Dog Nook

Couple & Their Dogs Convert a 40 Ft Skoolie with Wood Stove 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Ryan lived in a 2,200 square foot home with some 20 years of piled-up possessions, when he decided that was silly and sold almost all he had to live in his renovated bus, now named Beverly.

He’s a carpenter and lives in a stationary spot in Northern California, in his breathtaking bus with the most amazing shower you’ve ever seen! It’s about the size of a standard shower stall, but it has a skylight, plexiglass window with outdoor views, and a rainfall shower head. Wow!

Ryan also prioritized a functional kitchen since he enjoys cooking, and between his propane cooktop and air fryer, he can cook or bake just about anything (for one). You can follow him on Instagram here, but be sure to watch Tiny Home Tours video tour of his rig at the end of the post.

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Woodworker’s Skoolie in Northern California

From 2200 Sq Ft to 30 Sq Ft Bus Home!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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John and Ina (@seawardshuttle on Instagram) bought this former nursing home shuttle bus and transformed it into a home (called the “Seaward Shuttle”) complete with surfboard and bike storage using many reclaimed materials and a lot of creativity.

They’re currently living off of their savings and enjoying traveling and surfing everywhere they go. They claim the bus feels spacious, and there’s even enough space for their beloved dog and a handful of houseplants. Make sure to watch the full video tour from Tiny Home Tours/YouTube below.

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They Rehabbed A Shuttle Bus Into A DIY Motorhome Using Reclaimed Materials

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This is Our Dharma Tribe: David, Melanie and little Alice (plus two pups!) living in an amazing DIY skoolie bus conversion.

The Canadian family moved into their bus home in September of 2016 and are now documenting their skoolie life on Facebook and Instagram. The 2000 Thomas Flat Nose bus boasts about 210 sq. ft. and a 5.9 Cummins motor, and cost them $4,000. They currently stay in Stony Plains, Alberta and have spent $10,000 on the remodel (they still need solar and water tanks to finish the home).

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to follow them on social media! Links to their profiles are below the pictures.

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