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This is Jason (he goes by “Happy”) and his “Overlandbulance” — a converted ambulance with a 4×4 kit designed to go wherever Happy wants to!

After an injury forced him to retire from firefighting — his dream job — Happy had to figure out where to go from that point. Others encouraged him to do whatever he wanted, and eventually he took the plunge and purchased an ambulance at auction for $11,000.

Inside his rig you’ll find a peel-and-stick subway tile backplash, cedar plank roofing, and tons of garage space. I appreciate how honest Happy is about the challenges of #vanlife in his interview with Tiny Home Tours (posted below).

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He Converted an Ambulance into a 4×4 Exploration Rig

Former Paramedic Firefighter in his Overlandbulance

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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