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This is a speech that’s actually titled, Tiny Houses Make for an Extraordinary Life with Andrew Bennett at TEDxEustis. He’s the man behind Core Housing Solutions (builder of affordable THOWs) and he’s been designing and building tiny houses for many years now.

In this talk, Andrew shares how going tiny can create space in your life for new experiences in your life. And although I don’t think you must move into a tiny house to create more space for experiences in your life, he’s still right. Tiny houses, for the right persons at the right time in their life, can have an incredibly positive impact. How do I say it better than that?

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Andrew Bennett TEDx Talk – Tiny Houses Make for an Extraordinary Life

How tiny homes can offer you an extraordinary lifestyle

Screenshot via TEDx Talks/YouTube

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In this article you’ll learn about how and why you might hate living in a tiny house.

In the tiny house world, we constantly glamorize the lifestyle because it has its benefits (costs less, quick to clean/maintain, better for the environment, etc.), so I think it’s best to offer a reality check, and I’m glad Jenna, of Tiny House Giant Journey, is doing that for us today.

In the video below, she covers the top 10 reasons why living in a tiny house stinks so I wanted to share them with you to start a discussion about it in the comments and then I wanted to ask you the all important question, which is…

Will any of these drawbacks stop you from going tiny?

Top 10 Reasons Why Living in a Tiny House Can Be Terrible And Why You Might Hate It

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