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This is a micro A-frame cabin built in only three weeks with only $700 in materials using one of Derek Diedricksen’s plans. Amazing, isn’t it?

Tiny A-frame Cabin Built for $700 in Materials in Only Three Weeks!

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This is the story of when Deek of RelaxShacks.com built the UB-30, a tiny treehouse cabin for his brother, for his 30th birthday. It’s pretty awesome! He and a friend built it together in the woods on their property in Vermont.

It’s a two-sleeper micro tree fort cabin. Super simple, inexpensive to build, and it features a see-through roof to help make it feel more spacious when you’re inside. Pretty cool!

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He built a micro treehouse cabin for his brother’s 30th birthday!

Deek builds UB-30 tiny treehouse cabin for his brothers 30th birthday via relaxshacks-com 001

Images via RelaxShacksDOTcom/YouTube

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