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Star and Cameron are one remarkable couple! Not only did they pay down $70,000 in student loan debt in just a year, they were able to purchase a home, as well. But when the pandemic hit, they found themselves stuck at home because they didn’t live in a safe area for walking around.

At first, they thought they should simply buy a new home in a better area, but after getting debt-free they realized they really didn’t want to jump into a huge mortgage. Then they were laid off and decided #vanlife was the way to go! Just wait until you see their adorable conversion in the Tiny Home Tours interview below.

The couple even admitted that they wandered somewhat from their faith when they were working so much in order to pay off debt and “get rich,” and vanlife has helped ground them once again.

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Their Budget-Friendly DIY Van Build

Staying Debt-Free & Faith-Focused in their Promaster

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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