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A dream come true for any tiny home aficionado, this 269 Sq. Ft. home named HUS-1 by architect Torsten Ottesjö’s is situated on the Swedish Coast and looks as though it actually grew from the ground. Ottesjö’s vision  was to keep the small home just that… small! Not just for cost of building or heating it, but because he believes smaller spaces are actually superior for creatures of a human’s size.

Ottesjö designed and built the Hus-1 with a skeleton of bent, arching wood more reminiscent of a sailboat’s hull which gives the effect of  a designer hobbit hole and/or a wooden bathtub that you just want to sink into after a long day. This curved tiny home only features windows on each end of the structure and is a pretty tight fit when you’re actually inside the leaf shaped quarters. Tight fit or not, the lush surrounding landscape more than makes up for it. What do you think?

269 Sq. Ft. HUS-1 Tiny Home


Images © David Jackson Relan/Torsten Ottesjö

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