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This is the Cyberlandr! It’s a truck camper designed for the Tesla Cybertruck.

It’s an incredible concept that’s designed to collapse into the bed of the truck and expands when you want it to. Inside: a bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchenette, multi-functional queen bed, and apparently, even a corner office with a view. I don’t know, it seems unfeasible, but I suppose we will see. What do you think?

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CyberLandr EV Truck Camper

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With the all new Tesla Cybertruck coming out, is it something that you’re going to consider if you already have or are going to build or buy a tiny house on wheels? The truck looks like no other vehicle on the road, something definitely out of the future, or a sci-fi film, and it starts at $39,900.

If you think you would want your tiny house to match the futuristic style of this electric truck from Tesla, you could always build a mostly metal/stainless-steel covered tiny house, kind of like this one from Seattle Tiny Homes. I also show you a few other travel trailers/tiny homes that may compliment it nicely.

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Towing Your Tiny House w/ a Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesla Cybertruck for Tiny House People Images via Tesla-com 001

Images via Tesla

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