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This is the custom-built Kupersmit Tiny House by Movable Roots.

Introducing our custom-built tiny home on wheels named Kupermit! This tiny home sits on a 32′ long by 8’6″ wide foundation and is right around 335 sq ft of living space (counting the loft). This home was custom designed and built around our client’s specific needs.

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The Kupersmit Tiny House by Movable Roots

Kupersmit Tiny House by Movable Roots 001

Images © Movable Roots

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This tiny house on wheels has an interesting outdoor shower that I wanted you to see.

It’s an interesting option to consider if you’re ever to design/build your own tiny house. What do you think of this outdoor shower wedged into the porch of the house? For cold days, the shower can be enclosed and there is a heat fan in there too! Take a look! Also, this tiny house is for sale for $50,000 out of Seneca, South Carolina if anyone is interested. Learn more below!

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Tiny House With Heated Outdoor Shower For $50,000 in Seneca, South Carolina

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This is the story of a couple in Dallas, Texas who are building a tiny house on wheels.

Cody and Randi made the decision to go tiny at the end of 2014.

By March of 2015, they got the trailer and started to build.

They plan on living and traveling with it for about a year.

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Dallas Couple Builds a Tiny House

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This is a custom solar-powered tiny house on wheels with a built-in deck designed and built by Jeff Hobbs, a boat builder and cabinet maker, for his client in New Zealand.

From the outside, you’ll see it has a built-in shed with utilities, outdoor housing for a washer/dryer, wrap-around deck, roof mounted solar panels, and more. Inside, you’ll find a living area with a couch that converts into a bed, reclaimed wood flooring, floating staircase to the sleeping loft, full kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, workspace, and more. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Custom Tiny House Built for Comfortable Full-Time Living

Custom Tiny House Built for Full Time Living 001

Images © Living Big in a Tiny House via YouTube

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I’m excited to share these man cave tiny houses and bars on wheels with you by Wade Heyl in Houma, Louisiana. He’s starting a tiny house business called Manstrocity that specializes in man caves built from sinker cypress that was cut down over 150 years ago and reclaimed cypress that comes from homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Pretty cool, right?

This is the first tiny house that Wade built thanks to some help of friends and family too. It’s really a portable tavern which he plans on using to advertise his business. But when you go inside you’ll be able to find an upstairs queen size sleeping loft and a bathroom with toilet and even a custom keg urinal! So the possibilities are endless.

This custom tiny house on wheels (or I guess I should say… tiny tavern on wheels) also has TVs, premium sound system, and much more. If you like Wade’s work pretty soon he’ll be ready to take orders and right now I’m excited to help spread the word about what he’s doing. So please enjoy Wade’s tiny tavern tour below, visit his Facebook Page, and if you’d like to re-share it below. Thank you!

Man Builds Portable Tavern Tiny House on a Trailer


Images © Wade Heyl/Manstrocity

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I just showed you a $16k tiny house for sale that was built by Stone Canyon Cabins in Georgia.

Right now I want to show you another one of their previous tiny house builds.

This one has a bedroom on the first level, a nice kitchen, bathroom, and nice dining area. Plus an optional loft for storage or additional sleeping space. Please enjoy and re-share below.

Stone Canyon Cabins Custom Tiny Houses on Wheels


Images © Stone Canyon Cabins

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