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Linda was tired of renting and had always wanted to design her own home, but a “sticks and bricks” was out of the budget. Purchasing a tiny house, on the other hand, allowed her to have the space of her dreams. She designed the house to be her forever home, and included a first-floor bedroom to make it retirement-friendly.

She has a lovely gallery wall with artwork she admires, and her kitchen fills the back wall and boasts oodles of cabinet storage. The interior is perfectly decorated to her tastes, with pops of pink and turquoise to brighten the space. And just wait until you see her spacious bathroom!

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Her “Forever” Tiny Home Has It All!

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This is the iHouse, a modern, modular tiny house in Greece. The iHouse is designed to be a self-contained house, or easily added onto with additional modular units. Below you’ll see pictures of the 419-square-foot house which is set up studio-style.

You can add on square footage in certain increments, to make the house roomier for more people or storage. The defining feature of this design is the large glass doors that make the inside and outside one when opened. What do you think of this tiny house?

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Beautiful Studio Style Home: Modular Set-Up


Images via iHouse

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Jenn loves all things fantasy and hobbits, and she wanted that reflected in a mystical tiny home. She commissioned Tiny Heirloom to make the fairytale cottage she dreamed about, and this Tudor-style home really delivered!

Not only does the outside look like a perfect Tudor home, but the inside is also filled with moody and magical colors like purple cabinets, shiny glass tiles, and a bold copper soaking tub in the bathroom. Something about a spiral staircase feels castle-y and yes, they managed to include one going up to the loft! Enjoy the tour below.

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Copper Clawfoot Soaking Tub in this Fantasy THOW

Jenn’s Whimsical Tudor Tiny Home 8

Images via Tiny Heirloom

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This is Andréanne and Nathaniel’s Tiny House built by Lumbec Inc.

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Couple’s Lumbec Tiny Home on Wheels!

Images via Lumbec Inc.

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This is the latest from Alpine Tiny Homes in Utah: A live-edge beetle kill tiny home on a 28 ft. gooseneck.

The home, built for an an artist, features both a loft kid’s bedroom (with under-bed storage) as well as a gooseneck master bedroom. I really love the studio loft with a skylight where the artist can make masterpieces! The u-shaped kitchen and full bath both feature gorgeous copper sinks, and there’s even a doggy and cat door under the gooseneck stairs.

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Live-Edge Beetle Kill Gooseneck by Alpine Tiny Homes

Images via Alpine Tiny Homes Facebook

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Part of what draws people to tiny homes is the chance to have something that’s truly yours, not only monetarily, but design-wise.

That’s why you have to love a builder like MitchCraft Tiny Homes in Colorado that can deliver Elise and Clara’s Amazing Gooseneck: A truly unique home built to the couple’s needs and specifications. Just looking at the outside you know this has to be custom with its blend of textures, materials, and colors. Walk inside and you’ll find a two-bedroom home featuring a private gooseneck master and another loft bedroom accessible via storage steps. Plus, the amount of storage in this THOW is just incredible! Scroll through the pictures and get additional details and builder contact information below. Enjoy!

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Elise and Clara’s Amazing MitchCraft Gooseneck Tiny House on Wheels

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