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Allow me to introduce you to the Stealth Van Dweller blog.

Curtis and Mary have been adventuring on the road for the past 13 years. And they’ve had this cool blog up since 2008.

In it they talk about lots of interesting topics when it comes to living and traveling in a van. He’s got lots of useful posts especially for anyone considering traveling.

Here are some useful direct links to some of his posts… He writes most of his content at AssociatedContent and links to that from his blog. Just so you know!

I’ve set all links to open in a new window for you..

Heating your van for the winter

Where his love of vans began

Making a Mattress Cover

Making a Mattress Cover Pt 2

More Van Dwelling Bed Pictures

A Simple Water System to Stay Clean

Hope you enjoyed. Curtis obviously has a lot of information and pictures he’s sharing so make sure to check his site thoroughly for ideas and tips.

See you guys tomorrow!