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Has anyone else noticed that in the middle of the chaos of the past few years, so many people have been turning back to simpler, older ways? Suddenly everyone’s baking sourdough or taking up knitting. Well, that was the case for Brian! After spending much of 2020 in his quiet cabin, he built a mortise and tenon barn and got the idea to build tiny homes with the same old-fashioned joinery skills!

He got in touch with us to show off one of their beautiful THOWs, built from wood sourced from his 40-acre property in Pennsylvania! Now the homes are built by talented Amish carpenters using these long-lost (or at least, infrequently used) skills to create true works of functional art. What do you think?

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Mortise and Tenon Tiny House on Wheels Built with  Stunning Amish Craftsmanship!


Images via Tiny Timbers

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