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Valerie & Jessi from Happy Camper Wives are exploring long-term travel while living full-time in a T@b Teardrop Trailer.

They sold their house in San Francisco, downsized their stuff, and became minimalist nomads just over four months ago. At first, they thought they’d travel for a year and then move to Florida but after four months they’ve fallen in love with the lifestyle and want to continue the adventure in Europe and New Zealand once they’ve finished touring North America.

Some of the challenges they’ve faced with their new lifestyle include having to choose destinations based on warm weather since they live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle (which doesn’t always work out), and getting access to high-speed internet (Campground WiFi connections aren’t always fast enough to do a full day of online work).

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They Sold Their San Francisco Home To Start Living in a Tab Teardrop Trailer Full-Time

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is one couple’s awesome climbing wall tiny house.

They built this home for $33,000 while saving for a larger family home.

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Couple’s Awesome Climbing Wall Tiny House

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In this video based post you’ll get to watch a tiny house question & answer interview video with this couple living in their DIY converted shed.

They took a tuff shed and converted into a tiny house by themselves. So yes, they’re DIYers (Do-It-Yourself’ers). You’ll get to learn all about it by watching the video below.

This video is helpful if you’re interested in what it’s like to convert a shed plus what it’s like to live in one on your family’s land. Please enjoy and if you’d like to you can re-share using the social and e-mail share buttons below. Thank you!

Tiny House Questions with Couple Living in Converted Shed

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Right now I’m introducing you to Eddie and Lacey who are a couple living tiny in an Austin, Texas RV Park.

Back in 2010, they attended a Tumbleweed tiny house workshop. Later on, they bought their Tumbleweed trailer, the DVD, and the Cypress tiny house plans.

Now, a few years later, they’re almost done with their DIY Tumbleweed Cypress 18 Tiny House on Wheels. And they’re already living tiny while getting some finishing touches done on their tiny home.

Couple Living Tiny in Austin, Texas RV Park

Couple Living Tiny in an Austin, TX RV Park

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In search of a more simple life and completeness, the couple, Michael and Diana lived in a 144 square foot tiny home in Northern California for seven years. They feel their house was not tiny but just right for them.

The tiny house does not feel small as you will see below. The natural sunlight and surrounding trees there are magical.

Diana says you enter a timeless time here. And it’s easy to forget about everything but the present moment.

The fireplace is a necessity in this home as it creates heat for the home and bathing water.

With no electricity which means no refrigerator, no meat, no ice cream Diana would cook beautifully colored fresh vegetables in one small cast iron pot over the open fire for their meals.

Enjoy the photos and video below of this unique simple way of living.

Couple Live for 7 years in a 144 Sq. Ft. Tiny House with No Electricity


Images © Faircompanies

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We’ve travelled 2500 miles in our Tiny House in the last six months, staying put anywhere from 1 day to 3 months. It’s been a great adventure, and we’re getting ready to head north again as the weather changes. It’s hard to think that we’ve got to learn how to pack up for travel again, and slog slowly along the highway. Good thing gas prices are lower than they were last winter…

Pros and Cons After 6 Months of Tiny House Living

Guest Post by Jane Dwinell


While it’s been mostly wonderful living in the Tiny House, there certainly have been challenges. Here are a few:

Challenges when Living in a Tiny House

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