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Ron and Jess were considering upgrading from their one-bedroom apartment when they went on a vacation to a 200-square-foot cabin and realized they could totally live tiny. That’s when they got hooked onto bus life on YouTube and the rest is history.

Their shuttle bus conversion is light and airy, with lightly-stained plywood ceilings, sage green countertops, and mood lighting all the way around the bus. They have a secret DIY composting toilet and a special kitty bunk bed for their fur babies. What do you think of their build?

  • Ron and Jess transitioned from a one-bedroom apartment to a shuttle bus tiny home after discovering a love for tiny living during a vacation.
  • Their bus conversion features a light and airy interior with sage green countertops, mood lighting, and a secret DIY composting toilet.
  • The couple has added solar panels and a roof pod, and they’ve designed a special kitty bunk bed for their pets in their cozy bus home.

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DIY Cabinets and Bed Storage in Their DIY Shuttle Bus Conversion

Transit Bus Conversion for Life Coaches & Their Fur Babies 3

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Caris and Jake got married fresh out of college and wanted a place of their own. Lo and behold they were able to find a tiny house ready-built by Decathlon Tiny Homes (the Zeus model) and a spot in a tiny house village to park it in just two weeks!

While they didn’t customize their tiny house, they have made it home with their own finishes and decorations. The red kitchen is particularly striking!

Because they went from sharing a room in Jake’s dad’s home to living tiny, they hadn’t accumulated a lot of the stuff some other couples may have. That’s made the tiny house transition all the easier! Be sure to check out their video interview at the end of the post, and follow them on Instagram here.

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Going Tiny Fresh Out of College!

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