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I love Matt & Casandra’s story because it just goes to show you how addicting the tiny lifestyle can be. The couple took on this shuttle bus conversion project as a project to keep them busy during the lockdown. Matt specifically said they would never live in it full-time or sell their home: It was just for vacations.

But after about a month into their first adventure, Matt changed his mind. Both of them (@runaway.ladymay/Instagram) have jobs they can do remotely, so besides building out the skoolie and downsizing, it was an easy transition into the bus.

Now their home is on the market and they are ready for full-time adventuring. How fun! Tiny Home Tours sent us their amazing interview & tour with the couple which you can watch below.

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He Said They’d Never Sell Their House (& It’s For Sale!)

COVID Skoolie Project Turned Full-Time Lifestyle!

Images via Tiny House Tours

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