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Anne stumbled across this gorgeous lot of land in New Zealand with ocean views on one end and gorgeous bush views on the other end. When she bought it, all it had was a garage and a small utility shed. Instead of choosing to build a larger home closer to the road, she decided to make the garage into her home and put a deck off the back with private views of the landscape behind her!

Eventually, she built some small cottages on the front of the property, which she rents out on Airbnb. That helps her pay the bills and make great use of the property she has. Just wait until you see her eclectic/shabby-chic cottage design!

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Adorable Shabby Chic Garage Conversion

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Maria and her husband purchased this 875-square-foot first as a vacation property, so they could escape their city life in New Jersey in the mess of 2020. After the death of Maria’s father, the couple decided it was time to simplify earlier rather than later. They moved in full-time just two weeks ago!

They added a wall to the loft bedroom to give their daughter a spot to stay when she visits, and they also converted the shed onsite into another bedroom for their son when he comes to town. Someday they hope to welcome their grandkids to the lake! What’s your favorite part of this small spot?

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Connecticut Cottage for Couple Nearing Retirement

The Boulders 875 sq foot tiny lake front cottage 2

Images via Maria

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