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This little stone cottage in St. Agnes is known as Inglenook. St. Agnes is a coastal village in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

This small home is a vacation rental that offers spectacular views—including an ocean view! The cottage also features sheep’s wool insulation and solar power.

Wouldn’t living in a small house like this one would be pretty cool, even if you built a similar design on your land? Either way, please enjoy and re-share the information below if you want to. Thank you.

Little Stone Cottage in St. Agnes


Images © Unique Home Stays

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I thought you might also enjoy this 510 sq. ft. beachfront tiny cottage that was originally built in the 1920s. Later it was somewhat abandoned for a few years so the new owners gave it a complete restoration while leaving it as original as possible.

Some of the unique features for this small beachfront cottage include clapboard siding, a stone chimney, an amazing porch, open floor plan, handmade furniture, and more (see below).

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Beachfront Tiny Cottage in England


All Images © UniqueHomeStays

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