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Meet Matt and Emily, they are a couple who just turned into a family of three who live and travel out of their converted school bus.

Below you can see more of their school bus conversion along with their adventures. Please enjoy, re-share, and let’s talk about it in the comments below. Thanks!

Young Family of Three Living and Traveling in Converted Skoolie

Converted School Bus-001

Images via Instagram

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This is the Adventure or Bust School Bus Conversion, owned by high school sweethearts Brittany and Steven.

They chose a bus conversion over a traditional tiny house because it would cost less (they spent $17,600 on the build, see the breakdown here) and be easier to transport to accommodate their travels. The coolest part? You can follow the whole conversion on their blog, and if you have questions about this skoolie conversion, they provided a handy list of FAQs which they answered for you.

Check out their beautiful pictures and then enjoy the video tour on the last page!

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Adventure or Bust School Bus Conversion: Tour!

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This is a 1979 GMC Blue Bird school bus that doubles as a vintage store and road-tripping DIY motorhome for British Columbia couple, Marco Khalil and Caroline West.

Inside what seems to be an ordinary looking school bus there are vintage accents that the couple have picked up along the way throughout their adventures. Inside the bus you’ll find a bed, cabinets for storage and a sitting area to make it a comfortable place to relax and rest after a long day on the road. Notice the custom curtains that flip up to the ceiling when not in use. What a great yet simple idea, right?

The couple removed all the seats from the bus and the full renovation only took them ten days to complete! And of course there is a name for the bus. It’s Riley. Marco and Caroline use Riley as a backyard cabin on their property when they are not on the road searching for more vintage treasures and fun experiences. How’d you like getting to live in a DIY school bus motorhome while on the road? Either way please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple’s Vintage Treasure School Bus Tiny House


Images © Caroline West

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This is a converted school bus that Sarah Szymczak, her husband Ed, and their four kids live in.

Sarah says, “I never thought we would own a school bus. Yet, it does not surprise me that we do. We’re always up for an adventure, always open to venturing outside of the norm. Two creative parents. Four fun loving kiddos. And a whole lot of wild and crazy dreaming.”

I hope you enjoy learning how this family converted an old school bus into a fun, crafty and cozy tiny home for six! So I’ll let Sarah take you on their journey to school bus living below.

We want our children, our family, to be grounded in a lifestyle that isn’t about the next big purchase, but rather the next experience that feeds the core of who we are. So, we bought a bus. Here’s how that happened…

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Family of 6 Living Tiny in Converted School Bus


Images © Simply Mothering

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The Adopt a $20k house program is a charitable project by Rural Studio which is a part of the College of Architecture, Design and Construction at Auburn University.

In the past, I’ve featured some of Rural Studio’s work before. In fact, it’s one of my favorite stories which dates back to July 2, 2010 and it’s titled Students Design/Build 400 Sq. Ft. Home for $20k.

The school builds tiny and small homes for only $20,000 in materials while providing affordable housing to those in need in the area while students are getting hands on design and construction experience. They also get a chance to give while doing it. On top of all that, recipients for affordable housing get access to night classes for continuing adult education.

$20k House Program Helping Students And Homeless


Image © CitizenArchitect/YouTube

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Our big thanks to Dan for sharing this $18k converted school bus RV for sale in Loveland, Colorado.

It’s a 40′ long 44 passenger 1990 Bluebird School Bus with a Cummins diesel engine. It has 130,000 miles.

Inside you’ll find a bedroom with a king bed, under-bed storage and above bed cabinets. The bus to rolling cabin conversion also includes a kitchen, living room/office, bathroom, and more. Please enjoy and re-share below.

$18k Converted School Bus RV For Sale in Colorado


Images © Ft. Collins Craigslist/Meredith

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