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This is the Cozy Container Cabin where you can take an Airbnb vacation in Oakland, CA.

Although the container is cool in its own right, it’s even better because it was created by Boxouse, a company designing “portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes” in California:

Inspired by portable, modular shipping containers and fed up with paying rising rents in San Francisco for non ideal housing we set out to redefine the landscape in which we lived and rethink housing for modern aspirations.

Boxouse started on a vacant lot in 2013 and quickly grew into a community of friends who all shared a common goal of experimenting with sustainability and building. We still run all our production out of beautiful Oakland California.

Want to get a taste for their work? Book your stay! More details below the pictures.

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Cozy Container Cabin Airbnb Vacation, Oakland CA

Images via Airbnb/Boxouse

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This is a 45 Ft. Steel Converted Dry Box Container for sale in Washington.

It has three compartments, including an entry way, living area, and storage section. It’s insulated and lined with tongue and grove pine walls. Contact Lana, the seller, using the contact info at the bottom of this page if you’re interested.

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45 Ft. Steel Converted Dry Box Container

Images via Lana

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