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This is a tiny house by Tiny Homes Perth in Australia.

It features a first-floor bed, cozy couch, modern kitchen, and full bath. It lives like a studio, what do you think?

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Contemporary Tiny House with a First Floor Bedroom Murphy Bed by Tiny Homes Perth

Tiny House with Murphy Bed by Tiny Homes Perth 001

Images via Tiny Homes Perth

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This is the Sparrow Tiny House by Blue Sky Tiny Homes. It’s a contemporary tiny house on wheels which starts at $45,000. It offers 160-square-feet on the main level plus 60-square-feet in the loft. If you don’t like lofts, don’t worry because I think you could easily use the living area to sleep on the main floor in this design.

Inside, you have space for a queen bed in the loft, a daybed or sleeper sofa in the living area, a full kitchen, dining nook, plenty of cabinets for storage, and a relatively large bathroom with enough space for a washer/dryer. Pretty good for 160-square-feet, right? It also features a large window in the living area that really brings the outside in, so to speak.

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160-Square-Foot Sparrow Tiny House by Blue Sky Tiny Homes: Daybed, Kitchen, Dining Nook, Cabinets, and a Large Bathroom

Sparrow Tiny House by Blue Sky Tiny Homes

Images © Blue Sky Tiny Homes

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This is a contemporary tiny house on wheels that was for sale for $69,900. It’s built on an 8’x24′ Trailermade Trailer by Native Design Build. The house offers 192-square-feet on the main level plus 40-square-feet in the loft.

Outside you have a 7’x10′ fold-down deck to enjoy the outdoors from your sliding glass doors. Inside you have a queen murphy bed so you can sleep on the main floor. What do you think?

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24-Foot Contemporary Tiny House with a Queen Murphy Bed for Main Floor Sleeping

Native Design Build Tiny House with Queen Murphy Bed 005

Images © Native Design Build

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This is the Sowelo Tiny House on Wheels out of New South Wales, Australia.

It’s a beautiful tiny home with a vertical garden on the exterior. According to Tiny House Collectiv, the home is 208 sq. ft. and costs about $97,000 AUD which converts to about $73,942 USD. This model sleeps up to six people and has two loft bedrooms. Take a look below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Beautiful Tiny Home by Sowelo Tiny Houses That Sleeps Six

Sowelo Tiny House in Australia 001

Images © Sowelo Tiny Houses

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This is a 335 sq. ft. contemporary tiny house on wheels that’s for sale on Craigslist in Seattle, Washington.

Asking price is $57,000 and the lot it’s on is available to rent.

Enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Contemporary Tiny House in Seattle, WA For Sale

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I always appreciate a garage to studio conversion because they’re usually small and make great use of space.

This is just that… A studio that used to be a garage which was renovated into a tiny guest house.

It has floor heating, cathedral ceilings, a beautiful bathroom and a full sized kitchen ready for you to cook in.

And it’s in Boulder, Colorado! Another reason I really like garage conversions is because they make better use out of a structure that already existed. And this one- as you’ll see below- has been very nicely converted into a studio that I’d enjoy living in.

Garage Conversion in Boulder


Images: Airbnb

I encourage you to come on in below and take the entire tour of this wonderful little studio in Boulder:

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I like to always update you with tiny houses on sale that really catch my eye. This one, in particular, happens to be only 196 square feet and stands on a 24′ trailer.

Asking price? $37,000. I think that’s a pretty good deal for what it is (see below). The seller of this little home is actually a furniture designer by trade and built the entire house himself with the help of his wife and family. He states that the idea behind his design was to keep it as open/spacious as possible but at the same time creating separate feeling spaces. What do you think?

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Contemporary Tiny House for $37k


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