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Contemporary Tiny House on a Trailer for $37,000

I like to always update you with tiny houses on sale that really catch my eye.

This one in particular happens to be only 196 square feet and stands on a 24′ trailer.

Asking price? $37,000. I think that’s a pretty good deal for what it is (see below).

The seller of this little home is actually a furniture designer by trade and built the entire house himself with the help of his wife and family.

He states that the idea behind his design was to keep it as open/spacious as possible but at the same time creating separate feeling spaces.


“The kitchen is wonderfully abundant in space because I feel that the kitchen is the heart of a house.”


I love the window by the bed that way you can directly get fresh air while laying down and notice the small loft for storage above being used for books (probably what I would do too).


Check out the rest of this amazing interior. Again, I love all of the book shelves.

tiny-house5 tiny-house2 tiny-house7 tiny-house4 tinyhouse8

Here’s more of what the owner/builder has to say about this tiny house:

“Custom french doors allow your living space to flow seamlessly outdoors. We have lived in it with our bed in the corner but it was designed for either a futon style bed or sleeper sofa, or I can build in a folding bed/storage space as per my original design. We have lived in the house for 8 months and absolutely love it, I never want to live in a bigger house.”

You can see the original listing and find out more information here.

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  • Avatar Court Kizer

    That makes this some of the most expensive real estate on the planet. This movement isn’t about huge amounts of money. People overvalue their stuff. You can buy a fancy brand new house for this 13 times the size that you didn’t have to work on.

    • Avatar brocknoxious

      I totally agree. $37,000? That’s ridiculous!

      This container/trailer is even smaller since it doesn’t have a true loft (I see basically a storage shelf in the pictures).

      For $37,000, even if you contracted most of the work out to a builder, you could build a 500-800 sq ft cabin (with plumbing and electric hook-ups). Depending on what you pay for the land, you could be in the entire project for under $50K.

      • Avatar Nerida

        But then you have to sell if you wanted to move. You are also paying for a degree of freedom.

  • Avatar Jeanne

    Love this. What are the cables near the ceiling about?

  • Avatar nerida

    Gets a thumbs up from me both inside and out. Really love the kitchen.

  • Avatar di

    Very little cross-ventilation.

    To save space:

    Try a flush-to-the-wall heater.
    Dine at a folding shelf.

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