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I can’t help being excited about shipping container tiny homes especially this one you’re about to see which is in Southern Portugal.

I guess it’s the bright color that attracted me to it at first. Then the modern flair the structure has that made me want to share it with you. What a beaut!

The architect Arnold Aarssen from Studio Arte envisions a new way of living using re-purposed containers. Even if it’s just a starter home for young people, a guest house, bed & breakfast, backyard office or art studio.

Made from an old shipping container this 40-foot structure, “could be a great economical living solution”, says Aarssen.

And the main living space is quite spacious while the outdoor terrace provides an inviting atmosphere to hang out in nature. In this model there is one bathroom and an outdoor kitchen.

Shipping Container is Converted into 320 Sq. Ft. Tiny House

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