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Meet the “Trekkershus,” an awesome shippping container turned vacation property. It sits in the PlatzProjekt, an experimental village in Hannover, Germany. During your stay you’ll be surrounded by other unique, alternative buildings and architectural concepts.

This container home houses the bedroom and office space (with speedy internet) indoors, while the eating and kitchen space are on the terrace. The bathroom with full plumbing is affixed to the container and accesible via the deck. What do you think of the design?

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German Container Home Made from Recycled Materials

Sustainable Trekkershus Container Home in PlatzProjekt Community 7

Images by Airbnb/Florian

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Parking your tiny house is the #1 struggle when it comes to living tiny, but here’s your chance to move to the tropical Mexico and own your own shipping container tiny house (off-grid and Tesla-battery-powered!) on your own 1/3 acre of private jungle.

There’s your own well, your own solar set-up, your own pool — a screened-in deck, a full bathroom and a downstairs bedroom. If you already have a remote job, you might as well make an offer right now! Put in an offer here.

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Mexico Shipping Container Home for $129.9K (Land Included)

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This is a 45 Ft. Steel Converted Dry Box Container for sale in Washington.

It has three compartments, including an entry way, living area, and storage section. It’s insulated and lined with tongue and grove pine walls. Contact Lana, the seller, using the contact info at the bottom of this page if you’re interested.

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45 Ft. Steel Converted Dry Box Container

Images via Lana

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This is a shipping container cabin approved by an HOA in Cedar Creek Lake in Dallas, Texas.

After endless searching I finally found a beautiful lakefront lot that had an open minded HOA willing to approve their first shipping container home!

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Shipping Container Cabin Approved in an HOA in Texas


Photos via Airbnb

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This is a sustainable off-grid mobile container home built and designed by Sustainer Homes. This model is called the Sol Van Kempen and it’s powered by a series of solar panels and wind mills that are mounted to the roof of the container.

Another unique feature of the home is its rainwater collection system. The rainwater is collected from the roof and then filtered for drinking, washing dishes, and showering. Any water that goes down the drain is then cleaned again through a plant-based filter before being released back into the ground.

When you go inside you’ll notice the walls are made with wood-based panels which are also used for the furniture and storage units. There’s also a living area, dining area, kitchenette, bathroom, and a bedroom inside. Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Self-Sustainable Off-Grid Tiny Container Cabin

Sustainable Off-Grid Mobile Container Home

Images © Sustainer Homes

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This is a modern shipping container house in Venice, CA. It consists of three 20 foot containers designed to offer functional indoor and outdoor living space.

Each container serves a purpose; the lime green container is the home office, the middle cream white container is the kitchen, and the chili red container is the bedroom and bathroom. Pretty cool, right? And there is even a secluded outdoor bath tub in between the cream white and chili red container!

This home has luxurious amenities throughout including skylights, custom cabinetry and even a steam room! For laundry there is a hidden washer and dryer plus exterior closet that you can see in the video below.

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Modern Shipping Container House in Venice, CA


Images © ipme

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This 620 Sq. Ft. Container House in Dallas, TX is a guest post by Amber Richter – share yours!

Our container house is 620 sq. ft. with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It will be finished at the end of August! Spray foam and drywall are done. House is painted. We put the floors down and building the kitchen now. When all is said and done our container home cost about $60,000. Once we decided to go all in and start this project I rented my condo in California, quit my job, and moved to Dallas so we could start building.

The most difficult part of transitioning into a tiny home? Selling all of my furniture and clothes. Definitely, a difficult thing to do. A tiny home forces you to only have what you need. Our bedroom closet is also our laundry room and water heater room, which leaves me space for maximum of 10 outfits plus some PJ’s and shoes under the bed. Nothing else. It’s been fun to find small furniture pieces together that works for the both of us.  A great way to start our new life. Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

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620 Sq. Ft. Container House in Dallas, TX


Images © Amber Richter

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Using two 8′ by 40′ shipping containers, placed side by side, this container house boost 672 sq. ft.

The front half of the home is the living, dining and kitchen area. While the back half of the home is the bedroom and bathroom. There is also a small space to use for a home office or work out area.

The designer of this house and founder of Sarah House Utah,  Jeffrey White, wants to create sustainable homes for low-income people. In the future hopefully these affordable and sustainable houses can be used in low-income communities. This home ‘the Sarah House’ is the prototype for future container house designs.

Check out the photos below. Let us know what do you think of this design?

672 Sq. Ft. Green Container House


Images © Jeffrey White

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Living in a tiny container house may not be for everyone. In a country where the average house size is 2400 square feet, most people could not imagine being in 160 sq. ft. or less. But creating a comfy, functional container home became an obsession for one person. Christoph Kesting, the creator of The Container House in Guelph, Ontario, sold his own home to finance the 18-month project.

It comes down to the basics. Everyone needs shelter, food, and water. In the modern world that translates to four walls and a roof, somewhere to sleep, a way to cook your meals, clean running water, a place to wash, and a method of disposing of your waste. Everything else is a luxury. Kesting and a group of volunteers worked together to transform the former shipping container into an environmentally friendly tiny home.

The Container Home is structured with mostly recycled or repurposed materials and gets its power from a large solar panel on the exterior of the box. Its structural design maximizes sun exposure with two large French doors. The home is also designed to be partially buried into the side of a hill to help with temperature control.

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Tiny Shipping Container Home Built with Cob

Solar Tiny Container House Built with Cob

Images © Container House Ontario

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