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This is Kate’s Cob. It’s a beautiful and completely custom 1200 sq. ft. cob home.

It features an outdoor oven, uniquely shaped windows and doors, and so much more. Have you ever considered building a home like this?

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Kate’s Cob Cottage That Started Out as a Cobworks Workshop in 2003!

Kate's Cob Cottage

Photos via Cobworks

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The Cob Cottage is one of the most famous (and beautiful!) cob buildings in the world.

It’s located on Mayne Island in British Columbia, Canada and it is the 4th most wish-listed property on Airbnb!

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Tiny Two-Story Cob Cottage

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Mat and Danielle from Exploring Alternatives went to check out this Hobbit House at the Toits du Monde eco-resort in Nominingue, Quebec after seeing photos of the cabin online.

The green roof has a really unique design that extends all the way down to the ground with leg-like extensions that provide shade in the summer and retain heat in the winter.

The cabin was built with straw bale walls and limestone plaster, and log rafters and support beams. It is completely off-grid. Enjoy!

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Hobbit House with Amazing Green Roof

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A few years ago, Alex did a piece on some land for sale near Dancing Rabbit Eco Village. Let’s return to Missouri to check out some of the most recent projects of this thriving intentional community. Brian Liloia goes by Ziggy and has been living at Dancing Rabbit Eco Village for nearly four years. He started his busy blog, The Year of Mud, soon after.

Ziggy has given the tiny house and natural building community a huge resource by continuing to document his construction projects through his blog. Today, hundreds of blog posts take readers step by step through his building process.

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In this Extreme Cribs episode MTV takes you to SunRay Kelley’s Homestead.

You’ll explore several of his buildings that are on the property.

The cool part is you get to hear stories from the perspective of somebody who grew up here.

His daughter, Kumara, will give you the full tour of what MTV calls Natural Village.

The SunRay Kelley Homestead Features a…

  • Gypsy Wagon
  • Lama Tree House
  • Harbin Temple
  • Buddha House

Each of which are completely unique (and awesome). If you want to see pictures of each just click here.

I found all of this thanks to Lloyd Kahn of Shelter Publications.

MTV Extreme Cribs Episode at SunRay Kelley’s Homestead

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Found thanks to Shelter Publications


This is Pat’s original cob house (not his current residence) — a few days ago he shared his story with us — click here to read it. He also has built teardrop trailers, which you’ll learn about on that page.

Over the years he has built more than 25 cob structures. I’ve seen only seen pictures but I can tell you they’re all beautiful and one of a kind. One day I’ll make it up to one of his workshops to get first hand experience.

So let me show you some pictures of his first one — it’s a 240 square foot tiny cob home.

Man, I love these!

After you check out these pictures, I’ll send you over to Cob Works so you can visit Pat and the rest of the crew.

Pat's Original Cob House

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