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This is the story of an INCREDIBLE 500-square-foot little house on a CLIFFTOP with WATER VIEWS in Chile! And it gets even better…

Because according to The Tiny Life, it was built in only 3 months and for only $15,000 USD. The home is designed just the way I would want my own home, with a covered patio separating two portions of the house.

In this case, one end of the house is the bed and bath, while the other side is the living space and kitchen. If you work from home and have a family, this kind of design would be absolutely PERFECT, don’t you think?

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AMAZING Clifftop TINY HOUSE Built In Less Than 3 Months for only $15,000 USD…

500-square-foot Small House on a Cliff with Water Views

Photo Credit www.ramirez-moletto.cl

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