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It’s so secret that restaurant owners/workers/chefs work long, tiring hours. And during the past few years, it’s been harder than ever to navigate the ever-changing laws and restrictions. For Captain Tucker, he thought buying an RV to put behind his restaurant where he could catch naps during his 14-hour days would be enough to restore his body and mind. Ultimately, though, he packed up the restaurant and took the RV to Baja for a schedule-less season of rest.

He kept his Class A RV fairly standard, bringing along his fishing gear, cooking supplies, and guitar. He made his own granola to sell on the side and has been surfing, kite surfing, and practicing his music while savoring the beautiful weather. Since his video tour below, Captain Tucker is back in the States and has re-opened his restaurant. Good for him!

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His Winter in Baja & Finding Himself Again

Captain Tucker’s Escape to Baja in His Class A RV 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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