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The Cider Box Tiny House Plans from custom tiny house builder Shelter Wise have been one of their most popular designs since 2014. And now there’s a whole new reason to love them! The Cider Box Plans now come with a fully-editable 3-D SketchUp model created by the Tiny Nest Project – and to celebrate, the plans and model are on sale for 40% off until 7:00 pm PST on Saturday, June 17th!

You can go straight to PAD Tiny Houses to get this special offer now, or read on to learn about the Cider Box design, and what you can do with a well-made 3-D model like this one!

The Cider Box Tiny House Plans

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This is the 224-square-foot Cider Box Tiny House on Wheels by ShelterWise. You can actually buy plans to build this tiny house yourself! And you can get the PAD Series Trailer to go with it too!

It’s a modern tiny house on wheels that was designed and built for a client of ShelterWise who wanted to live in the home full time.

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Modern Cider Box Tiny House by ShelterWise

Cider Box Tiny House

All images © ShelterWise.com
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