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Now here’s something you don’t see every day! This is a 1965 Volkswagen bug that’s been converted into a micro camper. It looks a lot like a teardrop camper shape-wise, and the interior is just large enough for a twin-sized custom mattress and a 10-inch TV.

In the trunk, Sergio (the builder) included an entire kitchen — sink, cooktop, coffee maker, and tiny toaster oven. It’s adorable. There’s a luggage rack on the top and on the front a Tiffany blue storage area. It couldn’t be cuter! The most extreme minimalist might even be able to live in. What do you think?

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A 1965 Bug Becomes a Camper with Bed and Kitchen!

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Just before the pandemic hit, Annie and her boyfriend split and she moved out and onto a new adventure. She chose a tiny van and built it out with a slat bed and hit the road! While she knew she enjoyed the nomadic life, she decided to upgrade to a more spacious truck camper with a bump out and a wet bath.

She completely remodeled her current rig, bringing it into 2021 style and making it fit her lifestyle. Annie’s constant companion is her dog, named Bear, and they are chasing good weather across the country. Her tech job is forever-remote now, so she does the 9-5 from “home” and then explores when she’s off duty. Awesome!

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She & Bear (Her Dog) and Their Adventure Life

Annie’s Truck Camper 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Marsha is a long-time Tiny House Talk reader as well as a tiny-home-dweller. She just sold her amazing THOW in Arizona because she’s moving back home to North Carolina to be closer to family. While she’s planning on building a new tiny house in NC, she needed something to live in during her road trip/move.

So what did she do? Built a tiny house in her truck bed! Here’s what she told us:

Because of a gasket leak that was fixed with a liquid sealer, I had to keep this camper very light to try to make it home to NC from AZ, so 4 simple arches, 1/2″ plywood, white heavy duty tarp, and cardboard boxes for storage. Left over memory foam became a “rug” down the center to save my knees. It has an electrical port and 2 screened windows and redwood floor. Living out of it for 2 weeks now at my friend’s house, just two more weeks to go until school is out, and I can head home to my son’s farm where I can build another tiny home. Enjoy!

She even decorated the exterior, which I just love!

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She Built A Temporary Truck Bed Tiny House

Marsha’s Temporary Truck Bed Tiny Home!

Images via Marsha

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Back in September of 2010 I featured something called a Swiss Room Box which turns your current car or van into a camper instantly.

So it’s basically a kit that turns your current vehicle into a micro motorhome with features similar to that of teardrop campers I’ve shown you.

If you were to order it you’d be able to install it in your car within 10 minutes. Once it’s installed it takes about 3-5 minutes to set up and start using on a campsite or wherever you might be. It’s a lot faster than tent camping and so much more affordable than motorhomes or travel trailers. And the Swiss Room Box gives you space for cooking, eating, sleeping, and even showering.

Swiss Room Box Car to Micro Campers Kits (EasyTech Kit)


The model you are looking at here is called the EasyTech by Swiss Room Box:

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Turn Your Car Into a Motorhome with the Swiss Room Box

A friend on Facebook pointed this out today.

It’s a kit that makes your current car into a tiny motorhome.

It’s almost like a turning your car into a transforming teardrop camper….

Or better yet, a car camper.

The rear is used as a galley / mini kitchen (kind of like a teardrop camper).

The rest are a bunch of boxes which consist of a hidden toilet, storage, and more.

It even has a shower system, water tanks, and a sleeping platform.

Watch the video and check out the photos, too, below…

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