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This awesome couple enjoys the nomadic lifestyle and has started flipping and custom-converting different campers, ADUs, and other vehicles. One of their most recent projects is this 1966 Kit Companion which they renovated with a nod to the 60s.

The little camper has a fixed bed, a U-shaped dinette that becomes a second bed, and a little kitchenette. There’s also a little mudroom space with a bench and hooks for hanging coats and bags. Enjoy the video tour below.

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Adorable Camper with 60s Flair

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Melissa and her family love to go on summer camping trips in their pop-up, but the camper was musty and old and really needed a facelift. So she and her daughter got to work transforming the place into a cozy and cute spot for making family memories!

They chose a blue and coral/pink theme and got to work reupholstering, laying flooring, and painting. The results are awesome, and they did it all on a budget (even better). Great work! What do you think of this pop-up camper renovation?

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They Took This Pop Up Camper From Dark and Dingy to Blue, Pink, and Adorable

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Jonluc and Jackie took on the awesome project of renovating this 1993 camper that was filled with water damage. It was a challenge to take something meant for transient weekend travel and transform it into a sturdy full-time home. But they did a great job!

Like most Class C travel trailers, their bed is over the cab area. They took out the dated dinette and created slipcovers for the outdated fabrics. They do have a shower but use it for storage. Check out the build below!

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Thrifted Decor in this Toyota Motorhome Renovation

DIY Beautifully Renovated 1993 RV 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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11-Year-Old Lauren thought this summer might be a drag because of COVID-19, but she made her own adventure when she spent the $400 she had saved up to buy an old camper! With the help of friends and family, she renovated the space into the ultimate pre-teen clubhouse for a total of just $800.

The adorable tiny house has four bunks in the back for sleepovers, and a bathroom and full kitchen! I’m sure if she decides to sell it someday, she could even make a profit. For now, she’s enjoying the fruit of her labor. Watch the local news coverage video below to hear from Lauren — she’s quite the inspiration.

Thanks to James D. for sending this great story to us!

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She’s Just 11 But She Bought & Renovated Her Own Travel Trailer!

11 Year Old Buys & Renovates Her Own Tiny Home For $800! 001

Images via WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY
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This is the Winnhaven, a renovated 30 ft. travel trailer by Wander in the West, a company that’s using the trailer to tour the American West and promote American-made products.

What’s really cool about this camper renovation is that it was done with all American-made products from brands like The Citizenry, Shoppe by Amber Interiors, Sinkology, Tuft & Needle, Burrow and more.

Our mission is to connect people in their local environments to the great people, brands and products that are made in their own backyards and they don’t even know it. We’re helping to support all of the American makers that are working hard to create unique things wherever they may be and more attention needs to be brought to these unique movers & shakers.

Enjoy pictures of the Winnhaven below and then check out the work of Wander in the West here.

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The Winnhaven Wander in the West 30 Ft. Travel Trailer

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