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This is a 228 sq. ft. railroad caboose to cabin conversion.

It’s about 31ft long and 8.5ft wide. Originally built in 1910 in Albans, Vermont.

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31ft Railroad Caboose to Cabin Conversion!

Photos via Facebook

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This is a caboose cabin in upstate New York.

From the outside, you’ll notice it’s an old railroad caboose that’s now being used as a tiny cabin. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get inside to show you more. But what are your thoughts on transforming an old caboose into your own tiny home? Would you do it? Why or why not?

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Caboose Cabin in Upstate New York

Caboose Cabin in Upstate New York 001

Images © Elizabeth Burke

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This is a DIY micro caboose camper that one our readers, Glenn Wallin Sr, built for himself. Thanks so much for sharing your project with us, Glenn! If you’d like to share yours, submit it to us here.

Inside you’ll find a full bed, air conditioning, kitchenette with 3-burner stove, pressure water and sink, port-a-potty, flat screen television, and lots of built in storage throughout.

You’ll even find a solar panel on the roof that’s hooked up to battery. The entire cabin weighs only about 1,600 pounds. It’s sort of like a teardrop trailer, isn’t it? It’s definitely something I’ll file in the micro house category, too.

Glenn built it for about $3,000 in material costs and it took him about 4 months to finish it. And it’s the 12th trailer he’s built. Pretty awesome, right? Please enjoy and re-share below. 🙂

DIY Micro Caboose Camper


Images © Glenn Wallin Sr.

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The caboose train car you see below was renovated into the beautiful caboose tiny house that it is today. Pretty cool, right? It’s called the Great Northern X215 and is available as one of many caboose tiny house vacations in Essex, Montana at the Izaak Walton Inn.

Amazingly enough you can sleep up to six people in this tiny home. Wait until you see how they converted it into a fully functional small space below. I think you’ll also be surprised at how nice it is too. I’d definitely live in it on my own land, how about you? Take the tour and let me know in the comments below. Either way, please enjoy and re-share this railcar tiny house hotel below. Thank you.🙏

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The Great Northern X215 Caboose Tiny House


Images © Izaak Walton Inn

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This couple couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy an old caboose with the intention of restoring it into a tiny home when they got the chance.

So they bought it. And right now they’re planning to renovate it and turn it into a restored tiny home. They plan on using it for vacations. Since they’ve renovated homes before, they don’t seem to be intimidated by the project at all.

You can get the original complete story in video below. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Couple Restoring Caboose into Tiny Home


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This is a park model RV designed and built like a train caboose which of course can be used as a ‘large’ tiny house on wheels.

Normally park models are about 400 sq. ft. with extra loft space up top in addition. The designer of this one is a retired train engineer and veteran. Unfortunately this particular model doesn’t have a kitchen or bathroom as it’s being used for the owner’s train and caboose collectibles. Either way I thought you’d like to look at it too since I’m sure you can also see how easy it would be to finish it as a fully functioning tiny home.

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Caboose Park Model Tiny House on Wheels


Images © North Park Homes and Cabins

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Right now I’m glad to be showing you the Caboose cabin designed by Wheelhaus. It’s a luxurious 400 sq. ft. cabin with 100 sq. ft. front porch measuring 12′ x 34′.

Wheelhaus focuses on designing and building Park Model homes small in size but big on quality and durability with a growing line of models to choose from and a resort in Wyoming for you to try before you by if you want to.

This is a Park Model rolling cabin (on wheels) which means it is mobile. Please enjoy and re-share below if you’d like to.

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400 Sq. Ft. Caboose Cabin by Wheelhaus


Images © Wheelhaus

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The couple that own this caboose micro guest house also own a 800 square foot small house that was originally built in 1902. Since it’s a two bedroom home, and the wife is an artist, they still needed more space for when they have guests over.

So they found this caboose on Craigslist. It’s 7’x10′ so about 70 square feet of space. Eventually they have plans to add a tiny bathroom (or a separate outhouse) along with proper plumbing for water and sewer. Now they’ve got themselves a micro guest house for when they have visitors It’s also a perfect little backyard getaway from the spouse (lol). So how would you use it if it were yours?

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Couple’s Micro Caboose Cabin on Wheels


I’d love to use as a writing space, micro office, backyard getaway to read, or even permanently attach it to a trailer for camping/traveling. How about you?

Enjoy the rest of the tour below:

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