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This is a 191 sq. ft. modern cabin designed by Olson Kundig. It’s located off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

You’ll notice a large weathered steel clad panel door that slides across the window wall to secure the space. This also serves as a privacy wall for the outdoor shower.

The single room studio floor plan features wood-finished surfaces that help make it feel like a cozy sanctuary. Inside you’ll find a wood stove, bed, kitchenette, and a toilet. “The cabin is so small you have to go outside—that’s the point,” says Tom Kundig.

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191 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin with Steel Clad Sliding Door

191 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin with Steel Clad Sliding Door

Images © Tim Bies Photography/Olson Kundig

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This is a 480 sq. ft. waterfront cabin studio in Tahuya, WA. It’s currently for sale with an asking price of $65,000.

Inside you’ll find a open studio floor plan with vaulted tongue and groove ceilings, panoramic views of the water, a fireplace, a spacious kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Once you’re out on the outdoor covered deck you can enjoy the fresh breeze from the Hood Canal along with beautiful sunsets. Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

480 Sq. Ft. Waterfront Cabin Studio


Images © John L. Scott, Inc.

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This is the story of a couple who teamed up and decided to build their own 250 square foot tiny cabin made out of mostly reclaimed materials for only around $7,000 in material costs. They did all the labor themselves.

And since they built their tiny home on a foundation on their own land they continually make improvements to the place to better meet their needs. For example, they’ve added a porch and a bathroom so far to the original design.

Originally the structure was 12’x20′ until they added the porch and bathroom which extends the footprint to 18’x20′. Lots of the materials were salvaged from a barn along with other random finds that they repurposed.

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Couple Build Debt-free $7k DIY Off Grid Tiny Cabin


Images: PreciousRoy

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