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Ever wonder what living in a tiny house is really like? Business Insider just went after that very question to find out.

Tiny houses are painted as a minimalist utopia — and while many tiny home dwellers love the lifestyle that brings, it doesn’t come without a few challenges.

Tiny houses have their perks — they’re both environmentally and budget friendly. But living in such tight quarters can create unique, unexpected problems, like difficult zoning laws, easier wear and tear, taking care of compost toilets, and quick messes, to name a few.

Tiny House in a Campground by Paul VanDerWerf

Image by Paul VanDerWerf via Flickr

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This is the OPod Tube Tiny House by James Law Cybertecture designed and built out of concrete water pipes!

According to Business Insider, they measures just 100 sq. ft. and each tube costs about $15,000. They can be stacked and therefore be used as a temporary housing solution in places like shipyards, under highways, or even in-between buildings.

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Stackable 100 Sq. Ft. OPod Tube Tiny House!

OPod Tube Tiny House 001

Photos © James Law Cybertecture

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I just got done reading the article and adventure that a mother and daughter just had living in a tiny house together for three days.

Meet Melia Robinson and her mother, Vicki. Melia is a reporter for Business Insider. And they survived 3 days living in 128 square feet together.

She describes it as ‘survived’ but from the looks of it, I think they had a lot of fun. In her own words, “We survived. We didn’t once go at each other’s throats. But I don’t know that I could ever go back.”

Daughter Lives with Mother in Tiny House for 3 Days


Images © Melia Robinson/Business Insider

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